Featured Franchisees

Learn a little more about the backbone of our organization – our impressive franchisees!

Catherine Sullivan

Monkee’s of Fredericksburg

Why did you want to own your own business?

I guess you could say it is in my blood. My grandfather opened a hardware store in Roanoke, VA when he returned from WW2 and my father became part owner before I was born. At an early age I spent my free time at the store “helping”.

I saw the pride my father and grandfather had in helping people and the joy they got from running their own business. Owning my own business challenges me, which I love! Life is short and should always be lived right on the edge of your comfort zone.

Katie Corts

Monkee’s of Houston

Why did you want to own a Monkee’s?

Being a mom, I wanted a career that would give me flexibility to be there for my kids. However, to leave my kids even part of the day – it had to be something I was passionate about!! Monkee’s was the perfect fit. I could join the retail world with a successful franchisors support and have the control of my own destiny. Let’s face it though, the perk of the job is shopping for a living.


Top 4 things that make a Monkee's franchisee successful:


Be present and engaged in daily operations.


Make customer service your top priority.


Ask questions and utilize the knowledge of the Monkee’s Franchise Team.


Review and understand your monthly sales reports, inventory reports and financial statements.