Will I be provided assistance from Monkee's Corporate for day-to-day operational questions and issues?
Yes! Our franchise system is set up to provide you with tools and support to help you meet your business goals. We have a dedicated Franchise Team, plus we provide each franchisee with a comprehensive Operations Manual, with accompanying electronic forms and other documents, and direct phone and email access to contact our staff with questions. Operational Services that we provide to our franchisees include but are not limited to:

  • Inventory Management guidance
  • Access to select vendors
  • Assistance with financial reporting
How much time per year is spent going to markets for inventory buys?
We recommend attending 4-6 markets per year. Some franchisees do more or less depending on their inventory levels. There are several major markets each year that we encourage our franchisees to attend. As part of the Monkee’s Franchise System, our franchisees receive a complete Market Calendar.
Can my boutique sell lines that are not carried by all Monkee's?
Yes! We understand that buying trends vary by market and encourage our franchisees to purchase merchandise that will sell successfully within their market. We have an Approved Vendor Process that is required for all vendors that are not currently on the Approved Vendor List.
How are protected areas selected?
During the qualification stage for franchisee prospects, Monkee’s will assist you with market research and area demographics in selecting a protected area and site for your store. Monkee’s must approve the protected area and site selected, but the final decision of selecting a site will be yours.


Top 4 things that make a Monkee's franchisee successful:


Be present and engaged in daily operations.


Make customer service your top priority.


Ask questions and utilize the knowledge of the Monkee’s Franchise Team.


Review and understand your monthly sales reports, inventory reports and financial statements.

Questions are the root of all answers.