Industry Numbers


of luxury consumers reported their inclination toward purchasing luxury goods has increased or remained the same in the last 5 years.


of luxury consumers buy luxury products because they are premium quality.


of luxury consumers reported that they purchased their luxury goods in store.

Billion dollars spent annually on fashion in the U.S.

million people employed in the U.S. retail and fashion industry

*Deloitte Luxury Multicountry Survey for Global Powers of Luxury Goods. February 2017.

**The Economic Impact of the Fashion Industry, 2015 | Joint Economic Committee, U.S. Congress

Monkee’s Financial Opportunities



from top Monkee’s franchise location in the 2017 fiscal year.


from top half of Monkee’s franchise locations in 2017 fiscal year.

1. In the “top half” two of the eight units exceeded the average annual sales of $1,196,696.

2. This information does not include data for franchises owned by the current owners for less than a one-year period ending December 30, 2017.

3. This information does not included data for the Associate Stores.

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