Our team assist franchisees in starting up their boutique as well as providing on-going support to help each owner reach their business goals. 

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•          Real Estate & Site Selection

•          Custom Store Design

•          Store Build Out Guidance

•          Floor Planning & Design

•          Design Firm Partnership 


•          Open to Buy Budget

•          Exclusive Vendor Incentives

•          Establish product distribution 

•          Vendor Relationship Support

•          Merchandising strategies

•          Inventory Planning

•          Pre & post-opening operations

•          Budget Management

•          POS & IT Systems

•          Business Planning

•          Branded Retail Supplies

•          Monkee's Merchandise

•          Marketing Technology Tools

•          Ecommerce Development

•          Custom Graphic Designs

•          Email Marketing Service

•          Grand opening marketing

•          Marketing Campaigns

Monkee's Proven Business Model: Small footprint = stronger profits, strong earnings, minimal employees and lower labor cost, systems proven and perfected.

With only 1,200 to 1,500 square ft. you have less employees, less rent and less start-up cost. 

Top Monkee’s stores had an average unit sales of $1,355,728 and all stores combined had an average of $954,114.

A typical Monkee’s store can open with one full-time employee and two part-time employees.

Site selection, store design, layout, buying, marketing and operations support.

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